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Suqluk Vendors Program

Everything about “Suqluk Vendors Program”

We’re about to pre-release the first true online shopping platform in Qatar and here is everything you need to know to get the best of the benefits through the Suqluk Vendors Program.

What is Suqluk?

Suqluk is an online shopping website – that’s elementary. But it’s much more than that. It is a free service for local sellers in Qatar to enlist their products which we will sell through our website and mobile applications. If we like the product, we would even endorse it for free for maximum exposure throughout the nation.

For good people living in Qatar, it would be an ultimate experience of shopping, with perks that would only increase in number from the day of pre-launch. Extensive user experience is not an easy task, but we are not afraid to sail into that territory.

Our ambitions are backed with years of experience and diligent hard work from our team in Qatar and abroad.

How can I sell my products through Suqluk?

We had launched our “Suqluk Vendors Program” in October 2019, and since it is open to every seller who wants to expand their business in 2020. We have registered over 120+ vendors (or sellers) since that month and that number is growing steadily.

So, whether you are a housewife who wants to sell her small stock or a trader who brings quality products from abroad, we welcome you to take the part in this program.

We do have some terms to which we approve or reject vendor applications but for fair and genuine sellers, ours is the platform to invest time on.

To get started, sign up here as a “Vendor”. For new vendors before our launch date, “Silver Plan” is free to use for one year. After one year, if you’re satisfied with the services, “Silver Plan” will include a small fee. Although, Basic Plan is completely free and is enough for most sellers.

If you have already signed up, log-in normally through here or refer the picture below.

Suqluk Vendors Program Howto-1

Enter your vendor username/email and password. You will see something like this:

Suqluk Vendors Program Howto-2

Now you can see your products, add more products, check your earnings in numbers and in a graph, check your ledger books, see all orders, etc. Everything with Suqluk is transparent and crystal clear.

If you need help to understand these terms, we can teach you the entire platform within 30-minutes.

How would I get paid?

Through bank transfers. Our server is linked with the QNB (Qatar National Bank) and every payment is scheduled to transfer every Monday, every weak. Even if your sale is 1 Riyal. Weekly transactions help us to make easier management and causes minimum confusion within the system. One of the best accounts people are behind this flawless workflow.

When you create an account as a vendor, you are bound to terms of use with Suqluk, which acts as an agreement of association.

What is the fee to use Suqluk Vendors Program?

There are no fees. Our revenue model relies on other methods and depending on vendors’ fees is not one of them. However, there are three tiers or plans for vendors: Basic, Silver, and Gold.

The Basic plan is enough for most sellers who keep small stock (0-50) per item or those who want to limit their stock online. The silver plan works for those who want to enjoy full exposure online. And Gold Plan is for franchises or large scale business. A detailed explanation is here if you want to learn more about this. For first-year, Silver membership is free for vendors who sign-ups before the “launch”.

Apart from these, there is a minimal marketing fee attached to the sale price of the product. Contact us to learn more in detail.fake day date rolex watches

Contact us and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get updates and more.

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